Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories! -Anastasia Niforos

Well, today was the day of my study abroad trip and I’m sad. I’ve become so close with everyone in my group and each has impacted my life in a different way. Since it was the last day of our trip we had a final dinner with everyone and then went to the London Eye. It was a great way to end this amazing journey that I have been on for the past five weeks.

We all decided to make reservations at Giraffe, which is a restaurant along the river. They serve a variety of food so it was perfect for everyone. The weather was absolutely beautiful today and the restaurant atmosphere was very relaxing. As we ate our food we all reminisced about the memories we’ve made. It was great to look back on all stuff we have been through together. None of us really knew each other before this trip and it was really special to see the bond we had all formed with one another. Our dinner was filled with smiles and a lot of laughter.

After eating, we all made our way to the London Eye. We waited in line for about twenty minutes until we stepped foot on the Eye. It’s pretty much a giant Ferris wheel with glass carriers that give you a 360-degree view of London. It was an amazing view and being up there with everyone made it even better. We took pictures with each other, laughed and even shed some tears. Our group has a special bond and I love that.

It’s crazy how fast this trip went and I wouldn’t change this experience for anything in the world. To my friends, I thank you. You made these past five weeks unforgettable and I’ll hold these memories dear to my heart for a long time.

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