The Final Day


by Malaika Allen

After five weeks of backpacking across the United Kingdom with some interesting characters we have finally reached the end.

We started our day with a speaker in a coffee shop. He works on film distribution, which was fairly interesting to hear about.

We migrated our way over to the Tower of London. This was our final official group event. Of course in a giant castle it’s impossible to stay together as a group so the dispersing happened pretty quickly.

Our final group outing was dinner at Giraffe, which is a restaurant down by the London Eye. Everyone decided to show out for our last night, which made it a great time to take a ton of pictures (of course we had about a million photoshoots at once). I managed to try something new for dinner and got Lamb Tagine (it was so good. It was definitely a great choice).

Following this awesome meal we strolled down to the London Eye, where most of us caught an amazing view. This day was so clear and sunny that we could see about fifteen miles away (don’t quote me on that I over heard that number, but it was super far). There was about a thirty-minute wait to get on, but the ride was about thirty-minutes too so it balanced out. I would definitely say it is a pretty cool experience and everyone should try to get on this (or something similar). If you’re really fancy you can rent out your own and have champagne too.

We ended our night out with froyo and another stroll through the beer garden. This trip has been a very interesting experience and I made a lot of new friends. I could not have asked to travel around with a better group of people.



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