The shining memories

It was just like yesterday that I took the airplane, crossed Atlantic and arrived at London Heathrow airport. Time files so fast that I could not even realized that it’s already been more than a month from the program started. From the top of Loughcrew Cairns in Ireland, to the seacoast of Giant’s Causeway, I saw the beauty of great nature. From the pubs in Ballintoy, to the office in the center of London, I appreciated the how people live in this fascinating country. I usually would like to make a mark on google map whenever I go somewhere, and now when I look back, I still could remember the stories of every stars on map. The delicious food we ate in London, the Sunset we saw in Ballintoy Harbour, and the beer we enjoyed in Guinness Storehouse, Dublin. Those Stars content different great memories of this trip that I would never forget in the future.

All the places I went in this program

Today, we will have the final dinner together and then we will go to the London Eye as out last group activity. Tomorrow we will huge each other and say goodbye. Unlike my friends from Michigan who will fly to west to United States tomorrow, I will fly to my home, where is located at the other side of horizon, China. To my American friends, it was just a month-long study abroad program’s finishing. However, to me, it is the end of a year long overseas adventure. I left my home to begin my second year of Collage last year on August 27th, and  I have not see my family and friends in my hometown for a year already. I believe it is time to go back and see the place I grow up again. What a great adventure in UK.

My 11 hours flight tomorrow

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