The World Cup in London

By Ryan Gilbert

Americans call it soccer, but pretty much everywhere else it’s known as football. People go crazy for it all over the world and hold so much pride and self worth in how their team does in tournaments like the world cup. On game night, anywhere you go in the city you’re followed by either the roar of fans celebrating, or the crying of fans in disappointment. No matter what type of establishment you go into, whether it be a pub, a Chinese restaurant, or even an upscale Italian restaurant, you can be sure to find the game playing.

Now if you can see over the heads of the spectators is another thing all together.

The fans in London are loyal to their team. They leave work and head to the pub two hours before the game even starts just to make sure they can get a spot with a view of the small television in the corner. The group I went with to watch the game didn’t think that far in advance so we barely caught glimpses of the game from outside overflowing pubs and restaurants. The following pictures look similar. But all of these are three separate bars we tried to get into but couldn’t.




Quite the view right? It turns out, we searched so long to find a place to watch the game that we had wasted all but five minutes of the second half. So we stood on our toes to watch the last couple minutes of the game. If only we were thinking like a local we might have actually watched some real english football.

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