Top Five Experiences from Study Abroad

Top Five Experiences from Study Abroad- By Courtney Kellogg

It is incredible how fast these five weeks have gone by. It seems like just last week we all got here and settled into our flats in London. We have been so lucky to have a small group of fifteen which has made traveling easier. I decided for my last blog post to list my top five experiences that I have had during our study abroad!

  1. Ballintoy Harbour:


This was the most beautiful place I have ever been to and was featured on our Northern Ireland Bus tour.With a population under 100, the small town may seem boring until you walk down to it’s harbor. This place is covered with long beaches, tall rocks, and green grass.

2. Giant’s Causeway:


With it’s high cliffs covered in green, this is a place not to miss! It gets its name after an old Irish tale and has strange circled rocks just to prove it! Make sure to plan a couple of hours to walk along the cliffs and water.

3. Arthur’s Seat:


An old volcano in Edinburgh seems to be the best and hardest hike in town. It’s bright yellow flowers that cover the grass give it a beautiful view from the top! Make sure to go on a sunny day.

4. “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” Part One & Two


For any Harry Potter geeks out there, this is a must see. J.K. Rowling’s last book of the Harry Potter series is turned into a play. The cast is incredibly talented and there’s magic everywhere during the show!

5. Southbank:


Southbank is located on the banks of River Thames right next to the London Eye. There are restaurants, stores, and even a fun beer garden! There’s always something going on during the day and at night!



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