A Sketch Meal

Ok, so it is not what it sounds like. I did have a Sketch meal, it just was not sketchy. In fact, it was quite the opposite. On this past Wednesday, the 27th, I had a wonderful meal with my friends Emily, Chris, and Bridget at a restaurant called Sketch. Sketch is an art gallery and luxury restaurant located near Oxford street. It is known for its artwork, interesting design, food, and being obnoxiously Pink. We had initially found this restaurant because Bridget had seen a Facebook video about the most Instagramable places in London. P1033243When she saw the pictures of this place she showed them to us and we all quickly decided that we had to experience this place for ourselves. We made a reservation for later that night and that was that. Other than a photo of the dining area and a slight knowledge of the menu, we really did not know what to expect. So when we arrived we were amazed by all the incredibly unique artwork and design of the building. To give you an idea of just how cool this place was I’ll show you the bathroom. P1033248Now if the bathroom was this cool you can probably imagine how amazing the rest of the place was. On top of the decor, the food was quite wonderful. The desert, in particular, was among some of the best I have had. 2018-06-27 23:56:05.240I had some wonderful Macaroons and the rest of the group got something called Sketch Chocolate which was one of the best tasting chocolate desserts I’ve ever had. Aside from eating we also took advantage of the beautiful location and took some photos.

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The only gripe I had with this place was the price. As you can guess from Chris’s reaction here, it was quite steep. P1033195.jpgDespite the price, however, I think that this experience was very memorable and well worth it.

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