Punting Around Cambridge

On Thursday, June 28th, our group made a day trip out to Cambridge. We were going to tour the town and explore the different parts of the historic and prestigious college located there, Cambridge University. While the focus of our visit was learning about the history of the town what quickly became my favorite activity and part of the day was something that was not planned at all. About halfway through our trip, we came upon the river where they had an area where you could rent a punting boat and take it around the river. I immediately recognized this exact area from an episode of The Amazing Race that I had watched years back. Side note I do not recommend watching that show at all, it is awfully cheesy and fake, but it is my guilty pleasure. Regardless, in the episode, the teams were challenged to make a loop of the exact river on the exact type of boats that we saw. Knowing this I realized that I had to try this experience for myself. A bunch of us decided that we could go 6 to a boat and that way we could have it be affordable by splitting the cost. In our group, only two of us wanted to actually punt, Chris and myself. We decided that he would do the first half and I would bring us back. F706AFF3-9701-41F6-9AF2-009F754ABAE2.JPGD994741E-992C-4D15-9D3D-CE53C5E98641.JPGI’m glad we did it that way because right off the bat it was obvious that it took a little while to figure out a good technique so I was able to learn from Chris’s mistakes. However, even though I knew how to do it in theory, it still ended up being very difficult to control the boat at first. I might have had a few minor crashes, oops. What I also did not expect was just how physically strenuous it would be, this was a hardcore ab workout. D32133D8-F201-4A40-B42E-D5341884613D 2.JPGAfter about 10 minutes of intense struggle, I was able to get into the swing of things and take it down to a medium struggle. Eventually, it even became relaxing. 63822A35-DFE2-4A03-BCCD-1AAD74EA7459 2.JPGThis was one of the more unique experiences I’ve had whilst abroad, I always love trying new things and I’m glad we were able to do this.

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