Not What I Expected

cam uni
Cambridge University- By: Tiara Terry

Today was an amazing day! Initially, I was not expecting today to be great. I was exhausted and traveling would only make it worse. I was completely wrong!

I loved Cambridge! We kicked off the adventure by visiting part of the University. I must say, they have the most beautiful campus. I can tell that they take pride in taking care of their campus and its landscaping! I learned that the university is not one huge campus, but instead, is made up of many campus sites.

We then did some exploring and stumbled upon a great experience. As we were walking, we stopped by a river. People were out in boats. The cool thing about these boats are that they are old fashioned and you had to operate them on your own! I had to take advantage of the opportunity, it looked like so much fun! What I didn’t know was, that it would be so hard! I had to steer a boat of six people with a pole! The professionals made it look so easy! I was in for some trouble. For the first half of the boat ride, I was the steerer. I crashed the boat at least three times, it was definitely a challenge, but it was so funny and so much fun trying to figure it out. After awhile, I found a technique that worked for me! That was by far one of my favorite memories, I never thought that I’d get the chance to do that! You usually only see these type of boats in movies or in Italy.

Next, we headed to get food! Nearby, there was a cute market that had, food, clothes, jewelry and so much more! I opted to get Greek food. It was a pita and it was so good for only £5. I also had this delicious smoothie along with it. I was stuffed by time I was done. I really love street food and that was a great choice!

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