Farewell London

Courtney, Ciara, Bridget, Asia out hanging in Dublin, Ireland

It’s time for me to so goodbye to the United Kingdom and all the amazing people I met on this journey. I will forever remember every detail of this trip! Not because I took over 2,000 photos or made over hundred memories, but because I was able to meet great people, see things I never dreamt of seeing and got to learn and be inspired.

Courtney, Tiara, Asia, May, Emily, Ciara, Bridget on the London Eye
John, Chris, Tiara, Ciara posing for a photo at the Bar our Golly Slater host treated us too. 

Being able to tour around the United Kingdom and Ireland, taking a trip to Paris, France seeing history, touching things I only saw on tv, seeing the Queen’s home, tasting quality beer, eating different foods, are just a few things to name about this trip. A lot of people from where I am from do not get a chance to have this experience. I made up my mind before coming here that I would take full advantage of this opportunity, I made everyday worth it. I did things I would not normally do and got to make new experiences. On this trip I am grateful most for the time and friends that I made here. Meeting these awesome people, hearing about some of their backgrounds and being able to grow on trip as a unit was something that connected us. We laughed, saw and conquered traveling through the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Holding up everyone’s favorite guy, Chris on the London Eye

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